Don't pay attention to negative content online

My strange running headphones

Using simpler applications

Start using a project management app

My running shoes

Is Notion better than Evernote?

Don't change your task manager

Five years on a ketogenic diet

How to start a vlog? Gear, fear, schedule

I betrayed TickTick but I'm back to using it again

Stop watching TV

Why I run?

Setting boundaries makes you free

The platform is the message - how to be an information curator?

Is safe and well protected?

How to write 5 paragraphs and communicate nothing? Example by (

The bridges I burn light my way

How to work better?

Is this channel for you?

Who should be invited on my podcast?

Why it is better to publish on Youtube than Facebook or Instagram

Make what you love and eliminate friction

Artists stream concerts live from Facebook

The importance of iterating rapidly

Flying a kite during the pandemic

Coronavirus COVID-19 positive impact on business

How to write an email to your boss?

Personal branding in big companies in Poland

TickTick - how I ended up using this task manager as my main productivity tool?

Inbound marketing. Why vlog-styled video and podcasts are the future of marketing?

Chat applications - how to use them efficiently at work: Slack, Teams, Twist

Making things out of clay - Natura Mazur, Pottery Village

How to write an email to your colleague at work?

Publishing daily vs 3 times per week - my youtube experiment

Life and productivity are both about respect

REDIRECTING EMAILS is far better than setting up OUT OF OFFICE (in 2020)

CREATIVE ADVICE - why I never listen to it?

Your TITLE and your MONEY do not IMPRESS me - the way you treat OTHERS does

4 YEARS OF VLOGGING (and PODCASTING) - what has it done to my professional career?

COWORKING SPACE vs MODERN OFFICE - how to do meaningful work

Survivorship bias and giving value - don’t be fooled

How to instantly improve your wellbeing and lessen your stress

Never ever break a habit

Are you an artist? Why it’s important?

Extremes in productivity are OK

Microsoft's 4 day workweek led to 40% boost in productivity

My two favorite Asana functions

Gary Vaynerchuk is wrong

That’s why I don’t make business plans

Permission not to do

Why I switched to Asana?

How to be a good virtual assistant?

Everything will be OK

Will this tree fall?

What vlogging and social media do to your life?

Best vlog setup - how to vlog conveniently?

The calendar - my main electronic productivity tool

What nobody told you about Casey Neistat’s vlogging

Vlogging in English vs in your local language

My journey and my goal

The basics of professional communication

Training for better ideas

Why does Bill Gates carry his books in a tote bag?

3 tips to improve relationships

Family time is important

Youtuber vs corporate 9 to 5 career

Medium paywall does not make me nervous

How to reinvent yourself in 2020? Start a daily vlog!

Podkowa Lesna for a walk, Stawisko for visiting

Multiplying channels and platforms makes communication less efficient

Julinek amusement park near Warsaw - have fun in a circus school!

How to use public transport and how to move around the city?

Is the geological museum in Warsaw boring? What about Park Dreszera?

Open air museum of the Polish countryside at Sierpc

Gleboczek Vine Resort and SPA in Poland - details, pros and cons

A good SPA hotel for family vacation in Poland

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